Author: Mr Picture

  • Royal Way Crowns

    Bratislava Slovakia. These are some for the crowns embedded tin to the cobblestones on the Royal Way in Bratislava Slovakia Stare Mesto (Old City). These are about 2 inches across and are spaced between 10 and 20 feet apart, every now and then you come across one where it appears that someone felt it more […]

  • Zinnias

    I love Zinnias, easy to grow, good to look at and abundant so you can share with friends and strangers. We make it a point, every year to plant the median strip in front of the house full of Zinnias, to add some color to an otherwise boring street, and a big bed in the […]

  • Phoebe

    This is Phoebe, she is my English Springer Spaniel.

  • Aiden

    This is Aiden, he is a rather large cat, but he is also the the biggest wimp there is, even though when he is outside he likes to act like the mighty hunter.